Oracle SQL PLSQL 12C Tutorial 6 – How to Give Grant to New User

This Video Tutorial Will Describe how to give grants to a new user in oracle 12C version. This command will also work on other versions of database like Oracle 11g Database, Oracle 10g Database, Oracle 9i Database, Oracle 8i Database, Oracle 8 Database and so on.

Whenever you create a new user in oracle, you need to give some specific or all grants to that particular user otherwise that user is not able to work at all. Example to create a new table, select data, insert data, for all this type of work your new user only be able to do if and only if proper grants has been given to that user. Otherwise, an error message will pop up.

Full Syntax will be given in this video tutorial about how to give grants to the newly created user in oracle database.

Along with the live example to give grants or authorization to the new user. In this video tutorial, we will give all grants to the new user i.e. DBA grant. All the facilities that a super user can do, we give those to this new user.

All the keywords, format, mandatory clauses etc are described in this video.


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